Pan-Pacific Adventure 3

Big Gale last night. 35+ knots and 15+ foot breakings seas didn’t let anyone sleep… Our C80 multi-function display was killed by a massive wave so basically we lost 
our radar viewing capabilities. The 2 on-board computers can view everything
 else though. We have chart plotters with daily weather charts superimposed on the digital charts. We can view all the low and high pressure systems like 3
 days in advance and plot our course accordingly. Further superimposing our GPS over the aforementioned just makes it all to easy…

Incidentally, I was hit in the face by a flying fish last night doing 9knots surfing down a 15′ wave alone at the
helm around mid-night – pretty hilarious. I love how the waves break
phosphorescence too.. I don’t like the green gauges so i usually align my
compass course with a star and steer by that – with all this downwind though
we are just steering to the wind keeping it between 120 and 140 degrees
relative to our centreline. Put up the big code 0 genneker this morning and
are now doing a happy 8 knots, charging towards Tahiti!

Anyways looks like about 6 days until we arrive on the island. Going to
explore Moorea and a couple atolls before leaving for Hawaii around the 10th
of June expect to arrive in Hawaii around the first of July as we will visit an island or two along the way; Then a couple weeks cruising Hawaii and hopefully
some time on land for me (god I miss the earth – so sick of getting rolled
around constantly, it has not been a comfortable ride). So still looking
like late July at the earliest more likely first week of August.

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