Pan-Pacific Sailing Adventure 2

Into our 5th day at sea and despite our meticulous plotting we’ve still
encountered a big yucky high pressure zone which = lame wind. Barometer from
1009 up to 1022; we’ve got so much electronic nav equipment it’s
mind-blowing.. Every bit of data imaginable can be attained and
interpreted… sadly none of us really know how to use a sextant – yet.

Sea legs are now operational! It is very interesting to live in an
environment that is constantly in motion, it means you body has be be
endlessly compensating, which in turn makes you very tired for no apparent
reason. Out here life is beautifully simple yet subtly complex at the same time…

Simple in that the normal pressures and go-go demands of daily life do
not exist; complex in the navigational calculations and time changes and
infinitely dynamic art that is sailing. Imagine: we are living in New
Zealand time, but having crossed over the Int. Dateline have passed into
yesterday – yet we navigate by UTC and have to calculate the change when we
call home. Despite that however, the sun still rises and sets, rises and

The stars are spectacular, that is until the moon rises like a giant glowing
coin and washes the sky with its silver luminescence, effectively a second

Night watches: alone on deck, harnessed into a safe-point in the cockpit,
steering and anxiously peering about for signs of a squall, trimming sails
to satisfaction – feels pretty amazing to take the helm of a vessel at sea
in the dark and have total control, yet none at all hah.

Big news: 24 hours ago – caught our first Tuna! About 10-15lbs… 22 hours
ago – ate fresh sashimi w/ soy sauce and wasabi!! It’s the little moments
that make it special.

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