Pan-Pacific Adventure 4

We’ve lost our wind and are under motor again but have lots of fuel and we
make water every day (reverse osmosis) so we are still feeling well
provisioned. Sun has some power now we are in Lats above 25 degrees! We hit
a marlin this morning at breakfast… thump, thump, swish and there it was
briefly in our wash WTF? The whole ocean and we hit a marlin – must have
been injured before hand to be on the surface like that… anyways no luck
w/ CATCHING fish since that first tuna, only nibbles.

The waves right now are huge, but smooth – it is the strangest thing because the roll is fairly gentle but
then you look around you and it’s like a freaking golf course. The waves are
not just tall but massive in volume, easily over 100 feet between “crests”
and 10-15 maybe 20 feet high. I mean I’ve tobogganed down smaller hills.
Envision a very hilly countryside that starts rolling around with no apparent pattern often independently of the wind. It’s hard, actually, not to begin taking offense to the constant pitching and rolling – it’s endlessly tiresome and sometimes just rude. Anyone who thinks I’m on
some relaxing holiday is severely misguided.

This lifestyle is difficult,
complicated, relatively uncomfortable, but ultimately incredibly rewarding.
Seems one must suffer a little to reap the benefits. Dying to see land and
dreaming of a hot shower and massage, and vegetables, got I’d kill for a
fresh salad. Anyways, just some ramblings as I’m on watch (it’s 2 am here).
Starting to recognize the constellations, as I chart them out at night. The
sextant however still eludes me as a tool of navigation. We’re all so
entrenched in electronic navigation now that sadly, nobody on board really
knows how to use the thing. We are have all the literature, almanacs,
reduction tables, and tools aboard but it’s still seems like witchcraft. Can
barely see anything through the thing, let alone identify the object, let
ALONE determine some sort of angle at a specific time… as you can tell I
am totally frustrated with the whole process – there is simply no simple way
of approaching it. That aside all is well and I am only mildly sun burnt.

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