Costa Rica 2017 – Cuatro

Feb 18

Cabo Blanco

The food here is lovely – simple, flavourful, and it just leaves you feeling good. In Mexico I always felt vaguely unwell but here I feel even healthier than back home. Tortilla and plantain for breakfast does the trick. The plan today is to visit and hike in Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, so we grab some ice for the cooler and head off.

The road to Cabo Blanco is, if anything, more stunning than anything we have yet encountered. Glimpses of craggy beaches are caught between stretches of thick jungle and the odd little bar or “soda” (local eatery) along the way. Slowly the road dwindles to what feels like a rural driveway and suddenly we are here. We haven’t much exercise so we opt to hike the 10 km “hard” trail that traverses the whole park and ends on a beach at the Southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula.

Walking through dense, dry jungle the soundscape, the smells, the flora, fauna, and feeling are all entirely exotic. The constant droning of cicadas and a million other insects sets the bass track, woodpeckers and the clatter of dry broad leaves shifting in the winds provide percussion, various birds layer polyphonic melodies over top, and howler monkeys add dramatic crescendos with their haunting roar. Coatis, deer, and armadillos poke about the forest floor beside the trail. Around one corner we stumble upon a 10 foot boa constrictor basking in the sun! Finally, at the beach, white-faced monkeys play above us in the giant bamboo, while iguanas defend their little territories with wild aggression. This place is incredible.
Bosa rolled her ankle on the hike out so we decide to stop at a secluded beach to bask in the hot tide pools with a cold beer. So distracted were we by our jaw-dropping surroundings that we failed to notice the tide come in and start to submerge all our gear! We caught it at the last moment, shattering our equanimity, just before the waves dragged our bags under. Backpacks, books, towels, clothes all soaked. Luckily we both had the forethought to use lifeproof cases for our phones. So a potential crisis was naught but a comedy.

Another world class dinner and we’ll call it a day.

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