P2 Day 3

Day 3

Another late start… another cappuccino. A trend emerges. The boat is looking great and so are it’s occupants. There is now a steady stream of race crew filing in and some big names amongst them. The greatest thing is however, that nobody seems to have a big ego complex. Here I am sitting with some of the best in the industry / sport and you would never know it (except for their skill). Most of the bullshit egotistical drama often seems to be reserved for the smaller leagues (the ones who think they’re big shots). Anyways, everyone is great and Peter Holmberg himself even went to the trouble of remembering my name. The boys got bored midmorning so we decided to take the rib out and go for a spin. Turns out it was the old Puma tender (still had the stickers and watermarks) and Billy, who owns it, took us on a tour of the harbour and surrounding islands. I have to say, it is beautiful here – somewhere I could live. We had the dinghy doing almost 50 knots so that in itself was a blast but the nautical pedigree around here was pornographic for me. We cruised past old maxis, ex Americas Cup 12 meters, j-class yachts, and saw the New York Yacht Club itself. George and I tried wakeboarding and it wasn’t so successful but Tristan was up first trying and getting air – 12 year olds these days… That kept us entertained for a while, bombing around some little bay. Once we had swallowed enough salt water, we came back to find that it was time to move the boat. All hands on deck and Captain Roy brought us expertly across the marina to our new slip in time for Holmberg to show up and the rest of the crew. I got to sit in on the briefings and helped them with some headsails. Just the light jib took about 8 of us to unfold and inspect. After all the meetings, briefings, rig / deck inspections, and nav. tuning we dispersed and have a 1900 rendezvous planned for nom-noms this evening. Sitting here under the bimini now with beer in hand and yacht underfoot I’m as happy as anyone could be. Now if I can just get my loved ones to sail… that’s a wrap for tonight. Tomorrow is first race day and we get to match race with Ranger and Velsheda! A special event to behold, indeed. Tomorrows uniforms are white/blue polos/shorts and thursdays are unannounced as of yet. CAN NOT WAIT to see this beast under tonnes of load and sail… had a wonderful dinner with the crew with a P2 customized menu – it was excellent. Robbie Doyle was there, Peter Holmberg, and all the rest of the rock stars. I love this world.

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