p2 day 2

Day 2

Woke up late and was served a cappuccino with egg and bacon first thing – wow. Slow start to the day with more bow jumps and a slow trickle of pro sailors arriving at the boat for the pre-race set up. We headed into town for a bite to eat and I got a bit of a feel for Newport – totally chillin’ town. Lots of money floating around and this is town has got a serious boating addiction – I like it. We checked out some art and sauntered back to the boat to find Peter Holmberg (our race skipper) aboard prepping his tactics. I got to sit in on the race briefing and it looks like tomorrow we band the kites and prep the jibs. More bow jumps. Tomorrow the rest of the race crew shows up and we might get out to shake out the sails and have a practice day. Anyways, this is livin’ the dream. Dinners up. Chow.

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