Costa Rica 2017 – Dos

Feb 16

Alajuela – Montezuma

We find a delightful little cafe and get some Costa Rican desayunos up in us before taking a stroll.  Pretty soon though Vamos rent-a-car drops off our Ssangyong six-speed 4×4 and it’s time to hit the road. The guy at the hotel desk is a nervous little man who emanates petty and unnecessary stress vibes all over the lobby, so we are pretty happy to get gone.

There is always a sharp learning curve when driving in new places. Tips so far for Costa Rica: lanes and speed limits are mere suggestions, potholes are the true demarcations; Stop signs and traffic lights at the same intersection! Stop signs don’t seem to count when light is green; motorcycles go wherever they want, don’t hit them; Try not to crash staring at the beautiful people and the beautiful countryside. We name our car Sookie after spending some time with her.

Luckily, we had read up on the ferry from Puntarenas to the peninsula because the procedure was a bit odd: You get a plastic ticket, then park, then walk across the street to exchange your plastic ticket for paper ones that you pay for, then only the driver is allowed to drive the car onto the ferry. Disembarking, the passengers walk off first then all the cars have to pick them up on the road side which just makes it a stupid clusterfuck! These things are always mystifying. The ferry ride itself though is gorgeous and it’s a party! Dance hall beats are blasting, beer and enchiladas are on sale, and people are dancing!

The drive to Montezuma get more rough and I’m glad to have a rental whose struts I won’t have to replace. Rolling hills lined with sprawling trees silhouetted against crystal skies, thick jungle closing in, picturesque farmland dotted with grazing cows, broad leaves wobbling in the hot sun… I begin really to relax. The hills around Montezuma are so steep Sookie struggles even in first gear – it’s like a roller coaster… Our hotel is adorable! It is actually a craft brewery (Butterfly Brewing) / restaurant (Clandestina) / butterfly garden with 4 rooms upstairs! We will explore the mariposario later.

They said Costa was expensive but I didn’t expect it to actually be more expensive than Canada! It’s shocking. Oh well, c’est la vie, hakuna matata, aloha, pura vida! So we head down the hill to hit up reggae night at the bar and catch the fire show in the street.

It feels good to dance.

It feels good see people existing happily doing nothing in particular, moving slowly in the heat.

It feels good to be here.

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