Day 1
Quick breakfast and off to Reagan National. Short flight. We were greeted by Captain Roy and Tristan at the airport in Providence and got a ride to the boat. Wonderful people and what a boat!!! And we are parked next to Mirabella V, the largest sloop (and tallest mast) in the world. No big. Jeanne is amazing and the crew is fantastic. Everybody is friendly, helpful, and vibrant. Tristan and George spent the afternoon doing a variety of “bow jumps,” gaining an audience from anybody who happened to be passing by. Some amazing boats here… including two beautiful J-class yachts, which we will be racing on Wednesday. They have arranged  private race between the J class’:

Ranger http://www.superyachttimes.com/articles/Image/Companies/Maxi-Rolex/2008-09-MYRC-08-Day-3/MYRC-Day3-01-big.jpg


Velsheda http://www.claasenjachtbouw.nl/config/afbeeldingen/J-Class/j-class_about.jpg

and P2, which I’m told is pretty special. Ranger is skippered by BRAD BUTTERWORTH himself. It’s overwhelmingly awesome.










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