Pan-Pacific Adventure 9

After 2 weeks without land I’m beginning to tire of this. Anything longer
that 2 weeks at a time becomes unpleasant. The battering of waves and
constant pitching, rolling, and yawing eventually fray ones capacity for
tolerance. Yesterday I got a heavily bruised hip, shoulder and heel from
being thrown across the cabin into the woodwork, on two separate occasions.
Dinner ended up strewn across the floor and I found utensils in the head
later! And this is downwind! 8-10 swells and 15 knots just is not a
comfortable experience in this boat. Every so often we drop off a wave so
suddenly that the whole vessel shakes with a disconcerting BANG. Waves
breaking over the bow hit us in the face at the stern, 42 feet from whence
they came.

The salt to is of course the worst part, for it holds water
wherever it is, which is everywhere. With the decks fully awash 24 hrs a
day, no hatches can be left open which intensifies the heat to the point
where we now have tin-foil covering all the windows. It is about 30-35
degrees Celsius, but after leaving the thermometer in direct sunlight, found
it to be almost 60! Lots of clouds as of late which is nice.

Another thing
to understand about this lifestyle is that during the night someone must
always be on watch, so you have to entertain your self or fiddle with the
boat for 3 hours until you get to crash for about 5-6 hours and then you are
woken up again. Ahh but there the moments that make it all worthwhile, there
just hasn’t been one for a while. We are all working hard to stay positive
but it is a bit of a struggle – thankfully we should be in Hawaii by the
afternoon of the 29th!!!

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