Pan-Pacific Adventure 8

Well it’s been 600 miles of doldrums (on and off) and I now fully understand
what all they were trying to explain in Geography 12. The (evil)
Inter-tropical Convergence Zone!!! It’s been day after day of weird
light/non-existent wind punctuated by short bursts of trade breeze. More motoring and general disenchantment amongst the crew. I will not despair
though, for fairer winds shall come to pass ere the morrow as thine trades
are nigh!

In other news, the bio-luminescent fauna are very cool! The plankton whirl
about in our wake while the jellies pulsate all around us, and the squid
flash in protest like little depth charges as they encounter our keel – all
emitting varying magnitudes of eerie green incandescence… No fish since
our last Wahoo, half of which however is still in our freezer!

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