Pan-Pacific Adventure 7

I am now back within your realm. A couple hours after a swim in 13000 foot
deep water and a quick algae scrub of the hull, we proceeded to cross the
EQUATOR, under sail, June 21 (Summer Solstice), 0800 UTC (sharp) at:
00º 00′ 000″ N/S
147º 07′ 916″ W

Thereafter we stopped the boat, threw confetti, wore goofy paper hats that I
made, drank rum with lychee fruit in it and, after becoming sufficiently
intoxicated, decided it would be really hilarious to give me a full-fledged
mullet… it was done. The stylistic abomination however was soon remedied,
though with the end result of me having much shorter hair. It was a party.
We also dragged our feet in the water to see if just maybe we could drag
“the line” with us a little further North! Actually we were hoping it would
be lit up, maybe dotted, a speed bump perhaps… Alas, only our (very
accurate) GPS was able to confirm the fact that we sailed across that fabled
line. Apparently we are now “Sons of Neptune”, to whom we of course also
poured a stiff drink.

We are now back in the northern hemisphere battling through the big evil
doldrums looking to be back into the established NE trades in 2-3 days.

Furthermore, looking aloft tonight I saw, for the first time in my life,
both the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross in the same night sky; (possibly)
the two most prominent constellations in the cosmos, and of the their
respective hemispheres, together for a short time only.

All told it was a great celebration and a major milestone in my sailing
career. All the best everybody and Happy Solstice!

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