Pan-Pacific Adventure 5

Ahh I think I can now fully empathize with the mutineers of the bounty, all
those years ago… this little sliver of the globe is truly enchanting. As you may have guessed, we have at last reached Tahiti! We reside in Marina Taina – One of the super yacht capitals of the South Pacific… surrounded by these megaliths… and in contrast to the relative poverty found just outside this gated community – It is a little distressing but it all seems to co-exist fairly harmoniously.

Iles du Moorea: With the possible exception of Eden itself, this must be the
most beautiful place on Earth. The geography is so striking it blew my mind
every time I turned my head. The centre of the island is one big mountain
range (like Tahiti) and the rock edges are sharp as knives with sheer cliff
faces and peeks rise up into the clouds… being anchored in a tiny little
bay (google earth: baie de cook) and waking up to THAT – inexplicable. The
highlight of the trip, and quite possibly my life, was hand-feeding pieces
of fish to a school of sting rays in 4 feet of crystal azul water. They have
personality! We went to the place called Sting Ray Bay and that’s what it
way all about. They came in drogues and eagerly flopped up against you like
a little excited puppy-dog (tesia, you would have loved it), and they have
these little sucker mouths… SOO Cool!

Anyways living on the dock with the super-yachts has been wicked, and rather
eye-opening. Here I am, interacting with people from all over the world
working in various capacities on a number of boats. It’s been such a blast
(and social thirst-quencher) partying with the crews. Live music nights,
BBQ’s, tours of the yachts, and some upscale networking – it is a playground
for the super rich and we were frolicking in it.

We are back in Papeete proper just to spend the night and do a final
provision in the morning for the hop to Rangiroa in the Tuomotos (2 day
crossing). I am left with warm memories though and lots of photos. I also
think I might marry a French girl one day…

What more can I say other than I miss you all and I am getting closer to the
half-way point in my journey but I’m not sure if I want it to end…

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