Pan-Pacific Adventure 19

Just a quick ironic update: You know that stuff about encountering ships I
just talked about and how rare it is? Well I woke up for watch this morning
around 0500 and there, emerging from the fog was the biggest freaking bulk
vessel I think I’ve ever seen. Not 2 miles distant and so block-like and
menacing as to make us unsure of it’s heading, I was a little surprised. The
thing must have been 600′-800′ long and hundreds of feet high… I hailed on
ch16 and he said he was a bulk coal carrier from panama bound for china. I
gave him our info and we chatted a little before he crossed our stern and
disappeared back into the fog from whence he came. Pretty cool. Oh and there
are these wicked little jelly fish that cruise by with little sails up. Not
making quite the headway we are but very interesting specimens nonetheless!
That’s all for now.

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