Pan-Pacific Adventure 17

Closing in on 40º North and haulin’ ass! Yesterday we had the big kite up
again and were seeing 9-10 knots SOG regularly, which means 200+ mile days!
Rigged up the dummy halyard on the bow sprit and climbed out again for some
wild photos. Put the jib back up for overnight w/ a reef in main – good
thing because the wind was 20-25kn and on one wave we surfed at 15.1
knots!!! At 0200 we saw a light and binos confirmed a large container ship
on a collision course, and they would not answer a hail on ch16… As it got
closer from our port side we were considering a course change to avoid a
close quarters situation but that would mean a short-handed night gybe in 25
knots with building seas. Luckily the beast was going about Mach 10 so it
passed ahead of us at about 2 miles but out here anything on the horizon
(except land) feels uncomfortably near. Anyways, nobody slept very well and
we woke up to big knarly seas and 20 knots so we are making great time and
still having fun.

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