Pan-Pacific Adventure 15

I put socks on today for the first time since New Zealand!

As we continue northward the nightly temperature creeps down and the
sleeping bags, fleecies, shoes, etc are re-surfacing from their long
tropical slumber hidden beneath the floorboards. The water too is not so
tropical, as we found out today jumping in for our first swim/shower of the
trip – we are completely becalmed at the moment. Everything though, is going
according to “the plan”:

My route plan was to head North until a little high pressure gave us no wind
for 24 hours, at which point we turn and motor-sail due North East getting
the boat cleaned up during the calm seas and rig checked etc. Then this huge
monster low descends upon us from the North West giving us big
southerly/SWesterly winds (20-30 knots) which takes us pretty much up to LAT
49 then we just hop over the high and we’re home. Looks like wind all the
way. The great thing is that these lows collide with the big pacific high
and concentrate the isobars, and therefore wind, into a perfect conveyor
belt towards home. For all you non sailors, imagine a great big egg beater;
the right blade is the big pacific high, spinning clockwise, that stretches
all the way from the Baja Peninsula up to Tofino on the coast. The left
blade is any given low pressure cell, spinning anti-clockwise, heading east
that collides with it. The result is that we are shot up through the middle
of it in a trough of exaggerated wind strength. YAY!! The trend seems to
persist for as long as the data forecasts which is just great. At the moment
though we are still completely becalmed.

Furthermore, the head is fixed and no longer leaking vile liquid onto the
floor. On that note I must impress upon you all just how unspeakably
revolting the smell of a clogged head-pump really is… I have never before
been brought to my knees by anything so intangible; it was an olfactory
assault of the highest order which epitomized the very word “putrescence”.
We also had this nasty bilge water leaking up into the shower (where we keep
food stores); that too has been remedied. Oh and the guys figured out the
thermostat issues, so our freezer is working again! HURRAY, we are in good
shape once again. The wine cellar, liquor cabinet, and beer bucket have
their places of honour in the shower now and the 2007 cab-sauv is quite nice
with the vodka penne (Im actually not joking here).

So according to “the plan”, big tail-winds are coming up tomorrow and then
who knows. It’s up to Neptune, ultimately. We’re all in good spirits and
sailing safe.

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