Pan-Pacific Adventure 14

We’ve been sailing at some rather uncomfortable angles as we try to COG true
north but we’ve been doing 7+ knots close hauled so that’s pretty good. New
crew dynamics are great; totally different group but its working very well.
All of a sudden I am the experienced sailor teaching our 2 new guys – it was
only 2 months ago I was the total offshore novice. They are very keen and
intelligent so that makes the general attitude on the boat wholly positive
and accommodating. Crew dynamics and attitude are EVERYTHING.

This is not a comfortable thing to do. Everything is a challenge and being thrown around
and covered in salt is just the way it is. Once one accepts that and finds
their sense of humor, well no worries! Seriously though we’ve already had
issues with the water maker, our canned goods in the shower are sitting in 6
inches of bilge water, the head is back-feeding, and the meats in the
freezer are not freezing! That coupled with a constant 20º-30º angle of heel
and endless pitching make every aspect of life challenging and frustrating.
Nothing is insurmountable however and one by one we all help solve the
problems. Otherwise the boat is sailing beautifully with no helm just
munching down the miles through these trades. I get to play mate/navigator
(navi-guesser) and my route is about 2400 miles long up around a couple
highs hopefully hooking into the westerlies and whatever lows we may
encounter in the higher lats. Based on weather data, average speed, wind
angles, etc. I hope to be home around the 4th of August.

We haven’t encountered anything remarkable except a few fishing boats and a
piece of roe floating by but still hoping for that big marlin to hit the
line! Actually I lost 2 lures in the Kaua’i channel; on fish took the entire
1000′ of line right off the reel in 10 seconds! What kind of monster that
was I don’t want to know!

Anyways we’re sailing fast and doing well. Can’t wait to see you all!

Cheers from 28ºN 159ºW

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