Pan-Pacific Adventure 12

I’m just leaving Honolulu now, what a cool place! I’ll miss this dig…
Waikiki alone was entertainment for days. Walking from one end of the beach
to the other there was a Korean festival with dancers, an outdoor sunset
movie on the beach, ukulele artists in the street, a Polynesian cultural
show (fire-spinners from Samoa, drummers from Tonga, etc) and so many
thousands of overly-bronzed Americans it made me a little queasy. There was
a rich vibe to the place though, regardless of its long-term tourist “diva”
status. The cities character was not so smothered as in Lahaina – not to
mention at 11pm you could still walk down a bustling main street and buy a
prada bag or grab dinner, if it struck your fancy; the place was ALIVE! I
never made it to the north shore but that’s ok cause there’s no surf this
time of year up at pipeline, jaws, etc. The most exciting part was that I
was here when the first 3 boats of the Transpac (renowned trans-pacific
yacht race from L.A. – Honolulu) arrived, and was out on the water at the
finish line at 1am to greet the on that broke the record! A 100′ carbon
fibre monster crewed by some of the best sailors in the world… I was

Of historical interest, was Pearl Harbour, which I visited yesterday.
Though the prices were a bit fantastic: $40 USD by the time you got general
admission and relinquished your bag for ‘security reasons’. However the
various exhibits, memorials, and tours were very well organized and
informative. The whole American commemorative approach is always bit
nauseating, but once you choke that back, the actual experience was really
awe-inspiring. We walked through a big submarine, the battleship Missouri
(badass), and saw the memorial/sunken ship where 2000 sailors died from one
bomb. The aviation and submarine museums were great too, audio tours and all
haha. So im glad I saw the infamous Pearl Harbour. There was a big party for
the Transpac winner last night and i met new new coolies, but we left at 5am
this morning and are on our way to Hanelei Bay, Kau’i 🙂 looks like 5 days
there so lots of time to explore the Na Pali coast, camp out, etc before
provisioning and getting the boat ready for offshore. It’s funny now moving
into the 3rd leg after so much sailing, these little 100 mile jumps island
to island feel like the most ordinary thing in the world. But they’re not

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