Pan-Pacific Adventure 11

Maui was not really my scene. We checked out Wailea, Pai’a, and Makena but
didn’t make it to Hana (if that means anything to anybody) but Lahaina was so
dreadfully touristy… any charm it once had has been, in my opinion, marred
by the constant river of tourists and so-catered shops that line Front St. I
can’t stand tourist drags for some reason, just gross me out. Anyways the
beer… wait, no, I’m not old enough to drink here! – living alone, sailing
across the pacific, but surely I wont be responsible enough to handle a beer
until im 21; absolute rubbish. So the WATER I had at the Lahaina Yacht Club
was just fine. Club of the Vic-Maui race where I had to buy a tshirt 🙂
Nope, Maui didn’t do much for me and we only had one day in Molokai. Molokai
struck me as almost abandoned… very sleepy and unhurried place where the
only bustle to be found was on the commercial wharf (100′ from where we were
anchored). Incredibly, even the golf course was dried up as if they ran out
of water. Very friendly people though.

Anyways the wind around here is
amazing – 15-20 through the channels every day like clockwork. 2 reefs and
the north jib and we do 8-11 knots SOG. Perfect. We sailed into ali wai boat
harbor (honolulu) this afternoon after a bloody submarine surfaced less than
100′ from us! Holy shit that was intense, I am going to assume they saw us
in advance. Anyways we are happily tied up a stones throw from the Hawaii
Yacht Club here in Waikiki on the outside slip in prim location for the
Transpac finish!!! AlfaRomeo is doing 20+ and 400-mile days and is expected
tomorrow with the rest of div 1 types on saturday! Couldn’t be better
timing. I am going to make the pilgrimage to the north shore and explore
honolulu/waikiki a bit. Maybe get a hostel for social gratification. Oh and
Pearl Harbor of course 🙂 What else should I check out? Anywho just one more
island after this! This is the biggest city since Vancouver for me – pretty
wild place. Love it. Great. Don’t wanna go!

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