Pan-Pacific Sailing Adventure 1

Pre-Trip and first days (In retrospect)

I was treated to an absolutely delightful flight via Air New Zealand and dreamt easily about what lay ahead. I had just signed up to crew on the sailing vessel “Zulu” for a delivery to Vancouver, from New Zealand. After a couple movies, a good rest, and more than a few glasses of pinot noir, I arrived in a new land and, having crossed the International Date Line, found myself there on the following day. The next 3 days were a blur of Auckland and introductions, of provisioning and sea trials, and a few fairly serious rainsqualls. Just as I began to absorb my surroundings however we departed, partly because there were storms to be timed accurately, but mostly because we just wanted to get on with it. I was filled with a sense of great mystery, unable even to form expectations, having nothing to compare this too.  As we began to leave New Zealand behind us a pod of dolphins suddenly surrounded the boat and began to play in our bow wake; a better escort we could not have had.  And so the adventure had begun…

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